JE monitoringThis past week True West Aerial partnered with the Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust (CCALT) to accomplish the monitoring of numerous conservation easements throughout Southeastern Colorado.  We monitored over 17 different sites on a handful of different ranches, all with distinct character and beauty. One of the most unique properties we flew over was the JE Canyon Ranch with both deep red rock canyons reaching down to the Purgatoire River and short grass prairie on the upper mesas, this ranch is truly one-of-a-kind. This was a unique opportunity to combine efforts of Mirr Ranch Group, which is currently marketing the ranch, and CCALT who holds the easement on a portion of the property.

JE Canyon Ranch encompasses almost 50,000 acres and many of the other properties were very large as well. Monitoring these areas by air is much more efficient and enjoyable than monitoring on foot, which can be a time consuming and relentless job. I always appreciate the opportunity to help an organization with such strong roots and great people. It is our common pursuit to help protect the western legacy and the wonderful landscapes that create it that drives us to work together so well. A big thank you to CCALT for a fun and inspiring day.

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