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True West Blog is the personal Manifesto of Daniel Carter – Ranch Broker, pilot, and adventurist. The blog explores the American West through adventure journals, topic discussions, and photography. It aims to expose a true representation of today’s West by expressing an authentic western lifestyle, while also considering current issues, significant landscapes, interesting stories and experiences.

Statement from the Blogger

Daniel Carter
Daniel Carter
My name is Daniel Carter, and thanks for visiting my blog. I grew up in Bozeman, Montana and I now live in Denver, Colorado. I am a sportsman, pilot, adventurer, and a true lover of Western landscapes. This blog is an expression of my personal interests, my travels, happenings, and what I think is important to progress and protect the Western legacy. Here is a bit more about who I am:

Professionally I work as a Ranch Broker with Mirr Ranch Group, representing buyers, sellers, and stakeholders of one-of-a-kind investment properties all over the Rocky Mountain West and South America. Through this work I strive to connect the right people to the right places, and aim to protect and promote significant Western lands in the process. At Mirr Ranch Group we hope that, together with our clients, we can protect long-term ranch investments while also helping preserve the Western landscape and the rich sporting heritage it provides. I invite you to view my current projects under the “Ranches” tab on on the top of the page.

I am also a lifelong pilot, and founder and operator of True West Aerial Company. True West Aerial specializes in obtaining elevated perspectives of important landscapes, helping individuals and organizations to better understand a certain a land tract, eco-system, or issue with greater clarity through aerial survey and imagery. When not flying for these purposes I enjoy recreational flying in the mountains and backcountry, accessing some of the West’s most beautiful and remote terrain. There’s no better way to look at land than from the air.

At my core I am an outdoorsman. Growing up in Montana, the outdoors became ingrained in me at a young age. One of my greatest passions is fly-fishing. I love exploring our great rivers with a fly-rod in hand or at the oars drifting some untamed piece of water. I previously worked as a fly-fishing guide for 5 years, and today I continue to spread the bug to anyone with an appetite for adventure. I also love to hunt upland birds, especially wild grouse, partridge, and pheasants. There’s no better way to connect with with a landscape than to explore it with a bird-dog in front of you and a shotgun on your shoulder. Other pursuits include music, skiing, travel and photography.